circumnavigation by kayak

Aim: Circumnavigation of Tasmania by a kayak (non sail-assisted)
Dates: Starting on January 24, 2005
Distance: 1,400 km (780 nautical miles)
Our sponsors

We (Alon Ohad and Misha Hoichman) live with the sea. For us sea kayaking is not about fitness or sport - it is the ultimate way of travelling around the world. We made various solo and team expeditions and trips in different parts of the world such as Wales, Croatia, Greece, Australia, Scotland and more.

Circumnavigation of Tasmania will be both our longest and most challenging expedition so far. Tasmania is an island located SE to Australia. It is one of the most beautiful areas for sea kayaking, yet has a few serious hazards. The west cost is exposed to the high seas and storms coming from Antarctica. In parts of the north cost, there are strong tidal streams and races. The reefs are wide spreaded along the costs. This will be a self-contained trip, as we will be carrying with us all our living and camping equipment.c Since the southwest cost (400 km) is totally uninhabited we will have to carry large amount of food and water on board.

This expedition has significant expenses such as gear, maps, transportation, food, etc. Our sponsors have helped us a lot to reach the best equipment available: kayaks, paddles, spraydecks, paddling clothing. In addition we gained a PLB unit (satellite emergency beacon) as a gift from someone who prefers to stay anonymus. Many thanks for all those who helped us!

Our sponsors benefit high quality photographs upon the completion of the trip. We will be carrying professional photography equipment: waterproof and digital SLR cameras. We intend to get coverage for our expedition in various media channels such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, lectures and presentations that will follow our trip. Photos of some of our past trips can be found here. Our sponsors will be able to put their stickers on the surface of the kayaks. We will be mentioning our sponsors in lectures and presentations that will follow our trip.

So, why are we doing that?
First, we simply want to enjoy long paddling in this amazing part of the world. Second, we want to prove something to ourselves. Lastly, we want to show other kayaking amateurs, that even if you are not professional, even if you can't afford practicing kayaking every day, you can still make top-challenging trips if you have the motivation. ...And the determination is purely in your head.

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Last updated: June 24, 2005